Friday, October 21, 2011

Jewelry Organizer

I was looking for something to craft-fu into a jewelry organizer - the ones on the market aren't really my cuppa and they're expensive to boot.  So when I was at Salvation Army, I spotted one of those wooden collectible spoon displays for $4.  Sold!

With a bit of spray paint, some wooden dowels, two pieces of scrapbooking paper, a ribbon, 3 vintage buttons, and some picture hanging paraphernalia and ... voila:

The ribbons were supposed to be for my stud earrings ... put the post through the ribbon and they're all in one place.  Easy as pie, right?  Well, I chose the He-Man of ribbons, apparently, and it wasn't working at all.  So now it's just decoration and making sure the dowels don't roll out (unlikely, but ah well.)  I've since tucked up the ends with a bit of craft tape so it looks more finished.

Overall, I really like how it came out and it makes my bedroom look a lot less messy with no tangle of jewelry on the cabinet top! :)

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