Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Knit Hedgehog

So, since a friend of mine loves hedgehogs, I decided to knit her one for Christmas/her birthday a few years ago.  I used my own pattern (read: made it up as I went along) and this little guy is the result!  Not too shabby.

Mr. H. Edge Hog is pleased to make your acquaintance.  Even if he doesn't show it.

A side view - Mr. Hog has been eating a few too many biscuits at tea and so is a bit on the portly side. (H. Edge Hog is totally British in my head ...)


This is my very first pattern, and I've tested it, but if you see any problems or know of any easier ways to accomplish what I've done, please tell me!


3.5 mm dp needles
embroidery thread (black)
jewelry wire (if you want yours to be spectacled)
dark brown yarn (I used Wool-Ease Chunky)
light brown yarn (I have no idea what the kind I used is called - it's a worsted weight yarn, though)
yarn needle
embroidery needle
stitch marker
2 buttons for eyes (if you want)


Working in the round, cast on 9 stitches with your dark brown yarn.  Put 3 stitches on each of the 3 needles.

Round 1: Knit
Round 2: k1, kfb across (12 sts total, 4 on each)
Round 2: kfb across (24 sts total, 8 on each)
Round 3: K1, kfb across (36 total, 12 on each)
Round 4: k2, kfb across (48 total, 16 on each)
Round 5: knit until body length is about 4 inches, or a good 'hedgehog size' (it might help to do the legs first so you can see how he'd look with them/if they'd be too close, etc. ... really this part is flexible as I just knit until it looked right)

Once your body is a good length, flip your knitting inside out, so the purl stitch is on the outside (okay, I guess, if you wanted to, you could just purl the whole thing, but I started this while on a bus and supervising forty five screaming thirteen year olds, so I was only doing it with half a mind.)  Using the tail of the dark brown and a yarn needle, stitch closed the hind end (where you started) and weave in the tail.  Stuff as much as you'd like while still on the needles (about 3/4 is good).

Switch to your light brown yarn.

Round 1: Knit
Round 2: k2, k2tog across (36 sts, 12 on each)
Round 3: knit
Round 4: k4, k2tog across (30 sts, 10 on each)
Round 5-6: knit
Round 7: k3, k2tog across (24 sts, 8 on each)

Stuff some more.

Round 8: knit
Round 9: k2, k2tog across(18 sts)

Finish stuffing (if you can get it in!)

Round 10: knit
Round 11: k2tog across (9 sts)
Round 12-13: knit
Round 14: k1, k2tog across (6 sts)
Round 15-17: knit

Use a yarn needle and your light brown to stitch close the nose by running the needle through all 6 stitches and then pulling it so it closed.  Weave in the end.

LEGS: (Make 4)

Working in the round, cast on 12 stitches with your light brown.  Move 4 stitches to each of three needles.

Round 1-6: Knit
Round 7: purl
Round 8: knit
Round 9: k2, k2tog across (9 sts)

Use a yarn needle to close the end by taking the yarn needle and weave it through each stitch on the dp needles.  Pull closed.  Then I tuck the tail ends of the yarn on the inside of the leg. Stuff!

Whipstitch the legs onto the body.

Using black embroidery thread, embroider on his (her?) little nose - I just did the tip.  You can also add button eyes, or embroider them on if you choose (I tried and failed at that, hence the buttons!)

I'd love love love to see pictures of your hedgies!